Our Services

Moving side by side with your business

We will strive to reshape the future of the Web. At Unidatec®, we will provide infrastructure, quality, innovation, adaptability and dedication as the fundamental benchmarks of success for your business.

What we offer the best

Digital Marketing

Managing social media like: SEO, Google Adwords, advertsing in portals and social plataforms. You will find your public wherever they are.

Hosting and Cloud solutions

Whatever are your visitors, our solutions will range from a simple VPS for a website to a cluster of servers to support the amount of business you are doing online.

Web Development

Our developers are ready to provide cusotmized solutions and coding for your business need, from smartphone native applications through ecommerce, robots and wordpress.

IT Support and Networks

We are the geeks that will connect, install, configure, secure and integrate your local / cloud network, anywhere it is just local or through a VPN.

Smartphone APPS

Having your business present inside stores like Google and Apple is a must. Whatever it is a core coding app or a simple webview, we make your business reach your client cellphone in the best way possible.

Database Experts

Our DBAs are ready to provide the performance your data needs, count with professionals when modeling your data, we migrate that old database into the technology that meets your demand.

Security Consulting

Building firewalls, domain polices, VPNs, encrypting data, we integrate your valuable data in such way you feel confident.

Hardware Maintenance

Our technicias carry the tools and expertise to fix any type of hardware, whatever it's a critical hardware that can't be easly replaced, we can identify and replace components that may be dammaged.