Who we are

We are over 40 years building technics

Unidatec® is a company originally from Brazil created in 1982 by technicians that used to work on support and maintenance of a wide range of electronic equipments. The company's management has been passed on through generations and these days it is administrated by IT Professionals focused on different IT areas, from Web Development to IT Support and Networks.

The company has been developing at a fast pace, with a relatively small number of clients, indicating that we had many satisfied customers that would consistently do business with us. Daniel De Oliveira, Unidatec's current CEO, took advantage of the company's growth to expand the business to other countries.

At the present, we are developing ...

Customers in the USA, Brazil, France, Spain, Italy and Australia. We work hard to keep the company's staff up to date with cutting edge technologies and share it with partners and customers.